Starting a new journey,
life is the bed of thorns and roses. everything you want does not mean that is easy to gain either in academic life as well as practical life. as Newton’s third law of motion every action has a reaction but opposite in the direction. firstly you need to take any action then you received its reaction and reaction may be correct sense or wrong but it will move you upward direction.
everyone achieves a good position, he should work hard for it first and I also did hard work during amal fellowship also. The last two sessions…

Hey Reader,
Hope so, you will be fine and want to read out some spicy and energetic tips into my writing piece. Am I right? ok fine. It’s about the journey of 18th July to 1st August (the first two weeks with amal academy). Before that time I did not do any fellowship or any other things out of my studies. You can say that I was a bookworm. I spoke too much without any reason and arguments.
Then I started amal by my brother’s recommendation on 18th July it was the first session on zoom. I was too afraid because…

In the journey of life, There are many up and down in everyone’s life but it is a natural phenomenon. Some time you input a lot of your time and struggle but you do not have an output like that which is sometimes so painful. In our educational system, the mindset of a student is like a book (in the box).
By Amal fellowship, I have learned a lot of interesting and new ideas, opinions. Even I never forget the first call with my Program Manager, Sir Anis which is about instructions. How to continue Amal Academy in the next 3months…

Procrastination is a state or action of doing tasks right before deadlines. In a productive environment, it is considered a bad habit. And sometimes this devil comes up with quite dangerous issues like low quality of bad performance.
I am also a procrastinator, and to overcome this habit I used this technique called “Eat that frog with promodoro”. Actually this is a divide and conquers rule in which is also called promodoro technique :
1. tasks are divide into small patches
2. set the alarm or reminder of 25 minutes in 25 minutes do you work with full concentration
3. check out…

In the era of technology and science, there is no importance for human beings because we get work by robots and computers.
As the other countries developed in many ways but Pakistan remains that place it does not mean their youth do not work hard. Asia is that continent where everyone is so talented like you can see the people of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. But they are developing countries the reason behind that is despondency. In simple word you can say depression, there are many reasons behind it such as do not able to reach out to challenging grades, jobs, and…

“There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, ‘There now, hang on, you’ll get over it.’ Sadness is more or less like a head cold- with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer.” — Barbara Kingsolver

Depression and anxiety’ awareness among the masses could help decrease the stigma around the disease, making help, and treatment a more viable option.

The medical expert said, ‘World Mental Health Day’ is observed every year on October 10 to raise awareness and mobilizing efforts for ensuring mental health.

The expert opined that family members, friends, and…

This world is full of fears, this fear may be fear of darkness, fear of height , fear of losing their standard and sometimes fear is due to only our thoughts. The fear of thoughts means always thinking that if i do that what other one thought about me , “he did that “ the fear of people and thought is only due to negative feedback to others which do not see our good points just try to convince that you can not do. According to Islam

One of the goals of shaitan is to make believers depressed and sad…

To denke anyone is a way to give feedback to anyone for doing kind acts to help you or may be to others

There are many people who help us directly or indirectly to improve ourselves. And not necessary that we thank everyone on time,there are many persons who do not need to receive to gratitude to you
As everyone lives , from the start of life my father is my ideal person because I know about my father, he is such a great person. He retired from the Pakistan air force in 2002. …

This world consist of two types of people. First one,who are kind with other but don’t express it by continuously teasing them. You feel irratated, and second who are kind with other and express it by their actions. I also know that kindness is an abstractive noun which you can not see cant not touch , just feel it.

In 24 hours of my day, I show my kindness in many ways.

In early morning,I clean my house because my mother is busy in preparing breakfast. …


Chemist , Amal academy

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