The journey of two weeks :

Hey Reader,
Hope so, you will be fine and want to read out some spicy and energetic tips into my writing piece. Am I right? ok fine. It’s about the journey of 18th July to 1st August (the first two weeks with amal academy). Before that time I did not do any fellowship or any other things out of my studies. You can say that I was a bookworm. I spoke too much without any reason and arguments.
Then I started amal by my brother’s recommendation on 18th July it was the first session on zoom. I was too afraid because all the fellows were so intelligent but I was not like them. I was not good at communication even though I did not understand the question behind the questions of my program manager. In the first project work, I was also busy with my midterms exams that’s why I did not open it early. on Friday, I enrolled in my course and I found it too much difficult and I thought that what is this how can I do that but continuously 12 hours of work I had completed it and submitted my pw1. in starting project work I was much confused the how can it will be helpful for me and my future. Next week was Eid ul azha, but the submission time of project work was same-day on Eid’s first day at 1 pm.
But in that such a difficult time, even I got 29 marks in pw1 which was very hurting me and I thought I should leave it. I can’t do that.
then suddenly I think ohhh then what happens if I am not good but I should work for it to be a good person. From all the project work I had worked hard either it did not satisfy others but it felt inner happiness to me. yup, I have done it either good or bad but I try it.

At that time I had learned that work will always be our priority. how to cooperate with others, how to make our work as a playing game because in the first learning group my team members were very helpful specially sir Zeeshan, he is a very cool-minded person.
Amal for me is like a beautiful evening, to which you have waited for a long time but that time is very short and beautiful. Its colors affected me like a beautiful butterfly, Its idea for me is like how to think about a brownie yummy.

captured by Sadaf

thank you Amal:)